Since 2005, the CIA MOVEO creates and tours internationally productions that explore the narrative strength of the body and the expressive richness of the movement. Far from illustrating through gestures, far from an abstract plasticity of the body separated from theatricality, Moveo researches and works the development of a physical language that constantly seeks the connection between different disciplines.

Based in Barcelona, the company creates shows that, through a delicate body work and a great poetic imaginative, demonstrate the communication strength of stage and street. It also combines shows with workshops and activities for all audiences. Since its foundation, the company has been awarded several prizes, the most recent being the Best Performance Award (dance category) of the International Theater and Dance Fair of Huesca’15 (Spain), the Best Company Award of the Imaginarius’16 Festival in Portugal, and the Moritz Fira Tàrrega’17 Award for Best Street Art. The company has also been nominated to the Catalan Critics’ Awards 2017 and has won the Dansacat Award 2020.



Graduate in physical theater by the International School of Corporeal Mime of London where she also completed the postgraduate program in teaching and directing. She completed his training with courses in dance, circus and interpretation in Geneva, Paris, London, New York and Barcelona. She is director of MOVEO – creation and training center, where she also teaches and directs projects.

She was a member from 1999 to 2003 the company Théâtre de l’Ange Fou in London. Now acting and directing Moveo Teatro’s shows, touring with them for several theaters and festivals in Europe. Other activities include participation in conferences, film, and shows for organizations like Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, Universidad de Barcelona or Dies de Dansa, festival GREC de Barcelona.


Graduate in Philosophy from the University of Paris X and in physical theater, teaching and directing from the International School of Corporeal Mime of London. Artistic Director of MOVEO – creation and training center and teacher at the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Barcelona and at t he Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Barcelona ( Institut de Teatre)
He was a member of the company Théâtre de l’Ange Fou in London for five years and since 2004 has directed and / or acted in 5 Moveo Theatre productions. In 2007, he directed the show Requiem which won the Special Jury Prize at the Theatre Festival in Barcelona. ARA in 2011! received the quality label E-Mix. His knowledge of mime and physical theater, has lead hime to direct projects, courses and workshops in various international organizations. He also directs projects for the Theatre Institute of Barcelona.



Graduate in French literature, he trained in physical theater and mime with Ivan Bacchiochi and Robert Bennett in Paris, and Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum at the International School of Corporeal Mime in London, from which he holds a diploma. He is a one of the founding members and actor of Moveo Teatro since 2005 and teaches at the Col·legi del Teatre de Barcelona and at the Moveo centre.

He was a member of the company Théâtre de l’Ange Fou in London and has since worked on various projects and short films as an actor. He has toured with shows in Croatia, Scotland, Spain, France, England, Israel and Poland. He has taught for various schools and organizations, and worked in collaboration with the Alliance Française of Port Said (Egypt), Glob’culture (France) and the French Institute of Barcelona.


Graduated in the Institut del Teatre in the physical itinerary. She is currently participating as an actress in the show “Sobre l’ amistat” by Las Huecas. Recently she has been a performer in the shows “Indestructibles” by Escenapart and “Una pedra a la sabata” by Joan Baixas. She is currently a member of the CIA Moveo with the show “Consecuencias” and her latest production “Echoes”.

She is an actress and director of the company Orientación Colectiva Loli with the show “Personas escandalosas que no caben en el mundo”. She has also been a performer in the company FAC (Fundación Agrupación Colectiva) with the shows My low cost revolution and Protocolos de acción frente a lo desconocido. She collaborates as an actress in the company La Melancómica with the show ELLAS.


Actor born in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

Graduated in theatre performance at the “CAL – Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras” (Brazil). Graduated in Corporal Dramatic Mime and Physical Theatre at Moveo (Barcelona). Currently he continues to deepen his training through the postgraduate course “Performing Arts and Social Action” at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

He worked as an actor in different theatre projects under the direction of: Simone Beghinni, Renato Icarahy, Luizapa Furlanetto, Ole Erdmann, Juan Pablo Mazorra, Sophie Kasser, Olivier Décriaud and Stéphane Lévy. In film he collaborates with Mexican director Fernando Frias on the film for Netflix “I’m not going to ask anyone to believe me”; and with director Mila Roulx on the film “Un cauchemar d’oiseaux.” As a director, he is developing three projects: The one-man show “Migrante” in collaboration with the Mexican company Parece una Tontería; and the physical theatre duets for the street “Go Slow” and “It’s Easy.”


Graduated in Dramatic Art in the sphere of text at the Eòlia school, as well as in Physical Theatre at the Institut del Teatre and is currently training in dramaturgy at the Sala Beckett. He is a member of the company The Chanclettes where he creates and performs plays in cabaret format with LGTBIQ+ themes such as On the Air, #Deputucool and AntiCoronaCAVA.ret.

He is also a member of the company Moveo where he develops his work as an actor-creator in plays such as Tu Vas Tomás. creator in pieces such as Tu Vas Tomber (award for best dance show at the Feria Internacional de Teatra y Danza de Huesca and Mais award at the Festival Imaginarius de Santa Maria de Feira in Portugal) Conseqüències (co-production with the street theatre festivals Imaginarius in Portugal and FiraTàrrega 2017 where they won the Moritz FiraTàrrega Award for best premiere) and Echoes (co-production with Fira Tàrrega and Sismògraf).

In 2013, together with Pino Steiner, they founded the company Trasla2 where, through the shows A Solas and Trasla2, they explore the fusion between circus, dance and theatre. And in 2022, with the company Orientación Colectiva Loli, of which he is a founding member, they premiered the show Personas escandalosas que no caben en el mundo at the Antic Teatre in Barcelona and toured different festivals: Act Festival in Bilbao, Festival Z in Girona, Barcelona Districto Cultural and RBLS Festival.

He also develops his pedagogical work in different training centres with the aim of sharing theatrical tools that help personal growth and social development.


Graduated from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona in 2018 and completing her training at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen, Alma maintains a close relationship with dance through performance, choreography and teaching. Her approach to dance and movement is closely connected to theatre and voice.

Alma has built her career as a dancer in several countries around the world as part of companies such as Erem Dance (Switzerland), Mireia Piñol’s Stragiles (Sweden), Cia Moveo, l’Atapeïda, among others. Throughout her professional career, Alma has grown and developed her passion for movement working and collaborating with choreographers such as Sol Picó, Lali Aiguadé, Toni Mira, Eduardo Torroja (Wim Vandekeybus), David Zambrano, Peeping Tom, Fighting Monkeys, DV8, Jorge Crecis, Hofesh Shechter, among others.

Since 2014, Alma has also co-directed Kernel Dance Theatre, a collective project that she manages with Junyi Sun and Marina Miguel, from which she establishes her own stage language that always dialogues with the most immediate present through fragility, the careful detail of the images and a commitment to social issues. Her creations have taken part in festivals such as Danza a Escena, Sismograf, Fira Tàrrega, Fira Manresa, FreiArt Festival in Germany, ÉsDansa, Dansa metropolitana, among others.

As a choreographer Alma has independently presented several pieces in national theatres and festivals such as Teatro del Sauzal in Tenerife, Teatre Ovidi Montllor, Auditori de Sant Martí or La casa Elizalde.


Graduate in Dramatic Art, specialising in physical theatre at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. Barcelona. He has complemented his studies at the Hamu Pantomime School in Prague and at the Rogelio Rivel Rogelio Rivel Circus School. She has also trained in Daulte training with Carla Torres.

He is currently a member of the following companies: Zero en Conducta (puppets and movement), Cia Moveo (physical theatre), L’atapaïda (dance and physical theatre) and Impacta’t (social theatre). He also collaborates as an actor in the company Mambo Project (theatre and audiovisuals). Together with Xavier Palomino co-founder and actor of the company Trasla2 (street theatre and circus)


Actress and singer. She holds a Diploma in Corporeal Mime and Physical Theatre from the Moveo Centre in Barcelona and studied dance in the school Área.

To complement her training, she has followed Jerzy Grotowski’s acting trainings by Javier Cárcel Hidalgo-Saavedra, studied contemporary dance with Cecilia Colacrai and Laura Vilar, eastern-tribal dance with Anna Lietchi and trained in improvisational theatre by “Julia’s League” for 5 years in Switzerland.

Since 2018 she is a member of the company Si Tu T’imagines based in Barcelona, touring with the show  “Sommes-nous?” and currently developing a new production, “It’s Easy”. She has performed in festivals such as the Festival Mutis of Barcelona, Festival Imaginarius in Portugal or the Theater Spektakel of Zürich. She is also a member of Cía Moveo, and is participating in the creation of “Echoes”.


Actor, clown and physical theatre. He studied Dramatic Art at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, specialising in Physical Theatre.

He has participated in different theatre projects such as “Suite TOC núm 6” by Les Impuxibles (Butaca 2020 award – New scenic contributions, among others; Sala Beckett creation support), “Tu vas tomber! ” by Cia Moveo (Mais award – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Rua Imaginarius 2016 (Portugal) and Best Dance Show – 29th Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza de Huesca), “Vremya Musei” by Cia Voltäla and directed by Joan Cusó, “Primera persona” by Albert Olivas, “Aquí no hi pintem res” by Teatre a la Fuga, among others.

He is currently part of Cia Moveo in the pieces “Conseqüències” (Moritz FiraTàrrega 2017 award – Best Street Premiere and Dansacat 2020 award – Best Choreography) and “Echoes” (co-production with Festival Sismògraf and Soporte a la Creación FiraTàrrega). He is also a member of Cia Le Puant with the shows “Tot sol…. i núvol” (Best Actor Award – VII Festival Mutis de Barcelona) and the new show “Gran Sonata”, of Cia Nyip i Nyap with the show “Clowntes i llegendes” and of Camerata XXI with the show-concert “El Carnaval dels Animals”.

Special thanks to Alba Cayón, Javier Cárcel, Jordi Font, Marta Hervás & Núria Planes.