We are receiving lots of videos echoing our #ECHOES, this chain of connections is moving, thank you all! We will publish them little by little on our social networks and invite you to send us yours!

We made this video at the very beginning of the confinement and obtained the support of the Catalan singer Clara Peya whom we admire and put her music to the clip. We then received spontaneous echoes, like a chain between people.

Let’s celebrate the performing arts, by connecting many people through movement! The idea is that anyone who wishes to participate can do it with the means you have at home, echoing the moves suggested in our video, and recording your own version. The starting theme is: “From loneliness and the feeling of missing your loved ones, try to make yourself understood without communicating directly or touching.”

To see the chain: #ECHOES playlist on our Facebook page and as a highlights on our Instagram account.

Details for the video:
Filmed in horizontal (it can be with your mobile phone)
Format: 1 minut (if possible)
Free choice for editing and music. Be creative!

You can send the videos to until the 31st of May.

Any question, don’t hesitate to get in touch writing to us.

#CiaMoveoEchoes #BallemaCasaDID20 #Ecos #Sharingthroughmovement