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“Emotion…power…pure energy”
“A vitality that keeps the spectator on the edge of his seat.” El Mundo

Moveo Cie presents Marelle, a deconstructed tale of love, hope and lies. The story of a woman on the edge, of her last night before she takes a decision that will change her life.

The story of three children, three friends, of a pact they did and how much it will cost them to try to make it last; of a woman who does not want to stop playing.
As she keeps surfing on the world, the waves become more and more dangerous…

Marelle is a devised piece, built from the corporal investigations of the company on the themes of fear and desire, non-understanding and remembering, and a collage of French and Spanish Texts (the show can be translated in French or English); A suite of scenes and tableaux reflecting the dreams and memories of a woman caught between earth and heaven.

The company tells this beautiful story juggling between the tragic, the absurd, and the comic which builds our human dramas


“Marelle” has been presented:

– Festival COS , Reus, Octubre 2006
– International Mime & Physical Theatre Festival, Varsòvia, Polònia – Agosto 2006
– Girona, Sala La Planeta, Mayo 2006
– Sala Carme, Valencia, Marzo 2006
– Festival ESCENA Poblenou, Octubre 2005 , CAN FELIPA, Barcelona.
– 1ª Mostra d’arts gestuals i moviment’ d’Esparreguera, Septiembre 2005, Teatre de la Passió d’Esparreguera.
– Teatre de La Bòbila de l’Hospitalet, Barcelona, Mayo 2005.