Moveo is a training centre specialised in physical theatre, and a professional performing arts company. It is also a centre supporting devised performance. In that sense, we offer the resources we have in our space to creators who have a professional project of physical theatre or interdisciplinary.

We do this through our Moveo residency program, with the following aims:

• to promote young, contemporary and quality devised theatre.
• to provide the opportunity for artists to be not only performers, but also creators and producers of their own projects.
• to strengthen the autonomy of artists who have recently completed their specialised training.
• to drive a unique space in Barcelona specialised in the development and experimentation of physical theatre.
• to support physical theatre and make it grow in order to enhance its identity as a genre.
• to promote the optimization of resources in devised performance: poverty of means equals wealth of imagination.
• to bring dialogue and exchange between artists and creative professionals from around the world.

Please click here for the BASES (in Catalan) to request a MOVEO RESIDENCE.

The residences consist of the assignment of one of our equipped spaces. Artistic advice from the Moveo team can also be requested on the side.

The application period is open all year.

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We have had the pleasure to host at the Moveo centre the following companies and projects:


Cía. Zero en Conducta, with La Dernière Danse de Brigitte, created and performed by José Antonio Puchades and Julieta Gascón.


Cie La Lune Verte, with Eloge de l’Imperfection, by Jacynthe Lamon, interpreted por Jacynthe Lamon and Javier Lester, directed by Eléonore Dyl. With movement coaching by Sophie Kasser.
Cía. TodoZancos, with Tuberías, directed and co-produced by Mai Rojas y los Escultores del Aire.
Cía El Malentendido, with Mirad: somos nosotros, by Josep Cosials, Daniela Poch and Cirila Targhetta. With the participation of Moveo members in the directing of the show.
Cía. Marácula, with Ricard 3er, directed by Pedro Galiza.

Cía. Marácula, con In-Somnia, directed by Pedro Galiza, with movement coaching by Sophie Kasser.
Mou-lo Projectes, with Troc Troc, with artistic coaching by Sophie Kasser.
Cia. Mai Rojas, with  La leyenda del fauno y Game Over.


Cia. Pregnant Theatre, with  Supossed to be seen, created and performed by Jessica Sowerby and Sabin Huber, with artistic coaching by Sophie Kasser and Stéphane Lévy.
The Hermit Hut Collective, with Imagine: Sand, created an performed by Mónica I. Castillo and Sanna Toivanen.
Evi Charalampidou, with  7 maneras para sobrevivir a la soledad.
Ooops! Company, with Libre, created and performed by Kristina Orlovic and Nathalie Cecilia.


Within the MOVEO IMPULS program, supported by ICUB (Institute of Culture of Barcelona’s City Council), we carried out two lines of residences: RESIDÈNCIES LAB, assignment space of two weeks for projects in embryo; RESIDÈNCIES MOVEO, for projects of artists graduated at Moveo. In this context, the show Desveladas was created with Angela Zamorano, Eva Pallikari, Evi Charalampidou, Rebecca Ryan and Maria Södermark. Raissa Avilés and Alba Casera Florejachs also participated in the project.


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