Press quotes:

“They make what is impossible look so easy that it is important to remind ourselves of the boldness of working like they do in the streets. They choose to share this idea with their audience so that it ends up being a understandable effort. And at the same time, they demand enough freedom so that creativity is not categorized in certain clichés or styles and we are always waiting for something new every time we share time with them. ”

(Jordi Sora i Domejó –, 2021)

“On the other hand, every fall, every hug, every support from each other represents a mastery of the body that captivates the entire audience. Moveo conveys love, understanding, solidarity … the best emotions, the most positive …”

(Martí Figueras –, 2021)

“Context is not, of course, everything: the performances themselves must attract and hold the attention of a passing and often distracted audience. Catalan company Cia Moveo did this very effectively with Conseqüències, impactful physical theatre”

(Sanjoy Roy – The Guardian, 2018)

“An excellent, simple work in which the performers show a wonderful tech- nique, it’s theatre, it’s dance.”

(Rosa Matas – La Vanguardia, 2017)

“The Cia Moveo has seduced with its sense of humor and its close style that breaks the distance of the one that watches and the one being watched.”

(Rosa Diaz – El Periódico, 2017)

“Another piece that left us wanting never to end was Conseqüències by the company Moveo, authentic revelation of the festival, whose dancers were coming out of the public performing a very original and fresh piece of contemporary dance, fascinating, … at the same time full of comic moments, tenderness and poetry, with a simple but beautiful ending in an explosion of joy and joy shared by spectators.”

(Miguel Gabaldón –, 2017)

“… one surprise after another, a dance battle with humor, freshness, energy.”

(Gemma Ribera – COMOexplicARTE)

“… great physicality and coordination of Moveo in Conseqüències, a crea- tion of danse-theatre about grup relations that excited the public.“

(Marta Cervera – El Periódico, 2017)

Dance that breaks the cold formalism and explodes to the public.

(Jordi Bordes –, 2017)

“Dance, in the hands of the Moveo Co. is an exquisiteness… very stimulating”

(El Periódico, 2016)

“Unclassifiable, the Moveo shows surprise for their creativity and originality charming the audience […] true moments of grace, that transport the audience to the outer space, out of time and, with little steps, remind us that we are here and now.”

(N. Brochard – l’émiliE, 2015)

“The performers tell us in a simple and true way the universality of human compartments.

(Carlotta Ros – Theatre Review, 2012)

“A convincing, moving and strong performance”

(S. Zloich – Glas Istre, 2008)

“… an effective and ingenious combination of mime, dance, poetic word and music.”

(Giambattista Marchetto – Parole di Danza, 2013)


“A delicious dark tale… a new and fresh proposal, different, captivating… a talented company”

(Carme Tierz – TeatreBCN, 2008)

“Poetry of the body… a very warm welcome in Barcelona”

(Luis Fernández Zaurín – Calle20, 2008)

“Told in an original and warm way by fantastic performers. A great surprise.”

(Nel Diago – Cartelera Turia, 2006)

“Pure energy, emotion, strength and a vitality keeping the spectator on the edge”

(Carmen Fernández – El Mundo, 2005)

“An out of earth fantasy. Brings a fresh and different air to the theatre.”

(Paula Reig – Qué y Dónde, 2006)

“A very sensitive piece that connected very well with the audience”

(Natàlia Borbonès – El Punto, 2006)

“The fears of growing up and of accepting responsabilities are exagerated, derided through humour and absurdity, without loosing a touch of the tragedy of passing time.”

(Rocio Colome – El Diario de Tarragona, 2006)

“A story of love, hope and lies, in which the company combined the tragic, the absurd and the humour that characterise our human dramas.”

(Joan Morales – Diario de Reus, 2006)

“With them it is possible to reach the summit of happiness…A piece that evolves harmoniously like if beauty itself could not ask for more.”

(Paula Reig – Qué y Dónde, 2006)