“A Strong convincing and emotional performance.”
(S. Zloich, Glas Istre, Croatia, 2008)



“Soñar el rio hasta el mar” is an incisive and ironic reflection on solitude, drawing the portrait of a ordinary man dreaming the impossible.

The story of a man whose life resembles a mirror smashed to smithereens. He is lonely and hides in a miserable room of a dirty, poor hotel after a “big coup”: he has attacked a bank and is planning to run away together with the woman neighbour from upstairs. His wish: to forget his mediocre life and his failures, to finally be part of the world of the people who exist and to follow the river of his dreams to the sea, to freedom.

But will he be able to reach his aim? To be the man who everybody expects him to be?


Soñar el Rio Hasta el Mar has been performed :

Carme Teatre – Valencia – May 2008
Visual Theatre Festival – Labin (Croacia) – August 2008
Festival COS de Reus – Octobre 2008
Teatro Tantarantana de Barcelona, within the Ciclo de teatro físico, danza y performance – novembre 2008

The production has been funded by the Region of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya – ICAC) and the Fundación Llull.