Awarded the “Best Show Dance category”at the International Theatre and Dance Fair of Huesca (Spain)

Award For Emerging Artist – Festival imaginarius (Portugal)

It happens in a moment where life goes on, where everyone is still isolated, where the individual is still individual and prepares to become a spectator. At that time, the show starts and spectators become actors with the actors.

Mixing fiction with reality, the show transgresses the line between observing and being observed. It establishes a close relationship with the actors, that will slowly melt to reach the point where the viewer becomes a spectator and the actor becomes an inner reflection of the viewer.

TU VAS TOMBER! breaks the boundaries of the theatrical act. It is a show that begins without the public noticing, while waiting for something to start.

It is a “no moment” of theatre in an unconventional space.

In collaboration with the Institut Del Teatre



I slipped! Nothing happened. At some point I lost balance! I looked around and there was nothing. I thought I could find a chair to rest, but there was nothing. You reached for me and I could breathe again, but still, something was missing. Can I get what I want? Can I be with you, immobile, as before? What is the true fall? Who is who? What is my role?

You see me, watch every move I do, and what do I do? I start to loose balance on the outside and find it again at the very moment you loose your balance from the inside.

TU VAS TOMBER! is a work on balance; on the tensions created between us. It is about hope; the hope that the other one will pick me, and support me. The other, standing on this line between fiction and reality, theatre and the real world, this lines that blurs until it disappears.

Technical Requirements

Stage space:

Minimum 6m X 6m
Ideal space measurement: 7m X 7m
The show does not take place in a theatrical space.
It is designed to be performed in places such as: Theatre foyer or entrance, museums, public square. The space has to be a place where people are waiting (such as waiting for a theatre show to open doors, waiting outside for something to happen, waiting for an unknown event programmed by a festival, etc.)
We do no require any lighting if the show happens during the day. In case of an outside performance at night a simple plain lighting is required.


Music equipment with mini-jack in to connect ipad.


Directed by: Stéphane Lévy
Performers: Jordi Font, Xavi Palomino, Marta Hervás and Adrià Viñas
Production: Sophie Kasser, Estel·la Muñiz – Moveo Co.
Special thanks: Núria Planes, Javier Cárcel, Martí Lucas, Dani Guimera, Joao Santos, Pino Steiner and Alba Cayón.
Production: MOVEO

With the support of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona